We meet every shabbat at 9:45 am in San Tan Valley, AZ

We have a morning worship and liturgical service followed by Oneg (fellowship and food).

We share a space with Lifepoint Church in the Copper Basin community. You can find us at 28479 N Main St.

Children (12 and under) are encouraged to worship with their parents for the first half of the service, then attend shabbat school during the teaching. In class, they are learning the Hebrew alphabet,  learning the stories of the Old and New Testaments and learning to pray and care for one another.

Once a month, we hold a Torah Service in place of our regular shabbat services. We are blessed to have been able to purchase a Torah as such a young congregation. Torah services are typically held on the shabbat closest to the new moon.

We also hold a healing service once a month, also in place of the regular shabbat service. Healing services have less liturgy and a longer worship time with opportunities for prayer and healing.